We develop, support, and enhance AppExchange apps.


As a software developer, you have developed your IP on your own platform. Do you now want to extend it onto the Salesforce ecosystem?

We build best in class API driven Salesforce managed packages and connector apps so that customers on the Salesforce ecosystem can access your IP. 

We also guide you through the process of becoming an ISV and listing your app on the AppExchange. 


Lightning Web Component Development

Many app exchange apps developed before 2018 are likely to have the Salesforce classic UI. Delight your user by converting these apps to Lightning apps


Managed Package Development

As a Salesforce ISV, you will be continually enhancing the app and releasing new versions of the managed package. We can assist you with these enhancements and developments).

Salesforce Pre Release testing

Salesforce does 3 releases per year. These releases impact existing managed packages. We can assist with the testing of the managed package against the new release from Salesforce.

QA Testing

As a best practice it is recommended that the QA team vendor is different from the development team vendor.


Backward Compatibility testing

With managed packages, it’s possible that the client may be on an older version of the managed package and the package provider may release a new version. In this example, the new version of the managed package needs to be backward compatible with the older versions and we can assist with this backward compatibility testing.

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