Salesforce takes pride in being the world’s most-used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It is every marketer’s friend and provides cloud-based technology to aid in sales, marketing, and customer relationship realms.

A Salesforce developer is a programming expert whose assistance will help you run the various applications facilitated by the platform. The person is expected to have well-rounded knowledge about the platform and maneuver the services offered by Salesforce as per the needs of a client.

The question, however, is whether Salesforce developers use code to develop the platform. The short answer is yes. However, you need not hire coders to assist you with integrating Salesforce with your business. Wondering how this is possible? We’ll tell you!

Salesforce Developers and Apex Programming Language

Salesforce Development is a coding-rich arena. Salesforce developers, therefore, are required to write codes in the APEX programming language.

Unlike many other developers, Salesforce developers are expected to know APEX, which is similar to Java. Additionally, developers utilize Visualforce Markup Language for fonts and designs for Salesforce development. Visualforce is very similar to XML and HTML. It uses APEX to implement the business logic as the backend.

Now that you have an idea of what programming language is used for Salesforce development let’s try and understand how coding is vital for Salesforce developers.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?


Like other professional developers, Salesforce developers serve clients with the platform and channelize its functions according to their needs. If, as a marketer, you face any issue with Salesforce, a developer could suggest upgrades and modulations to your existing program.

It is the job of Salesforce developers to contribute effective project ideas. They would assist you during the three stages of the project:

  • Definition,
  • Development, and
  • Deployment.

Salesforce developers ensure that your Salesforce program runs smoothly and keeps track of the inventory. Additionally, they also cross-verify data quality and make up for system deficiencies.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Salesforce developers are experts in this arena. Their suggestions could transform your business for the better.

Understanding the APEX Code

Salesforce developers are responsible for executing flow and transaction control statements on the platform’s servers and integrating calls to the Application Programming Interface or API.

Integration is a vital part of Salesforce, and the developer should be able to tie Salesforce up with various technologies like Workday, MuleSoft, and ServiceNow.

APEX is an object-oriented language that allows complete control to Salesforce developers. Its syntax is similar to Java and adds business logic to system events like button clicks, updating records, etc. As a result, APEX can be integrated into almost all system events.

Some features of APEX

  • APEX can work efficiently with Lightning Platform idioms like Data Manipulation Language calls or DML calls.
  • It works well with Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) and Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL).
  • APEX allows the processing of a large number of records simultaneously.
  • It also alerts you when users edit/delete customer objects/fields referenced by APEX.
  • You can also choose to lock syntaxes, limiting the updating of records to avoid conflicts.

Benefits of APEX as a Programming Language

APEX is a favorite among Salesforce developers. It is hosted by the Lightning Platform. Therefore, APEX should be an easy nut to crack if familiar with Java idioms.

Since it is a data-focused programming language, Salesforce developers use procedures stored in databases to thread together queries and DML statements. This is run on the Salesforce database server.

APEX is a strongly-coded programming language. It utilizes separate references that directly reference objects and field names. Furthermore, it stores information in the metadata. In addition to all this, APEX is straightforward to test. As a result, you can determine the flaws and strength of the entire code before finalizing it.

Since APEX is compatible with different API versions, Salesforce developers do not worry.

Salesforce developers have the privilege of using their APIs to write codes in Java, Node.js, C#, etc. This further extends their capabilities. This means that resorting to Salesforce developers for assistance with the Salesforce game is highly recommended. They can customize the platform for you in a way that your business reaps the best possible ROI.

Take a look at this APEX Developer Guide to know more.

Working as Salesforce Developers


It is now clear that you should be well-aware of APEX and Visualforce to work as a Salesforce developer. It is recommended that platform developers gain certifications in Platform Developer I and II courses.

Salesforce developers are essentially problem-solvers. And the solution to each obstacle may present itself in code! Salesforce coders are in high demand for the very same reason.

Anand Yadav, Software Engineer of Cloudiate, teaches APEX to aspirants to build the family of Salesforce consultants. Resources like these could be a great opening to know more about the intricacies of coding in the Salesforce development industry.

Read on to find out how you can avoid hiring a separate coder if you resort to a reliable consulting firm.

Should you Hire Coders to Build Salesforce for your Business?

Was it a revelation to you that coding is an integral part of Salesforce implementation? If yes, you probably wonder if you would have to hire coders or additional Salesforce developers to fulfill your need.

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We hope this blog has introduced you to Java’s twin: APEX. Salesforce developers with considerable experience in Java could very easily grasp the technicalities of this programming language. Training can polish their skills.

If you are a marketer having second thoughts about seeking assistance from Salesforce developers, now is the time to make that call.

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