In an ideal world, you implement Salesforce in your business and don’t face a problem. You leverage its features, and your business runs smoothly. However, the reality is different. Despite its robust product suite, Salesforce is highly complex. Without the correct expertise, companies who decide to do Salesforce implementation encounter many problems.

For example, Salesforce has several tools for various industry types. If you don’t know which tool is best for the project, self-implementation will result in disappointing work.

Good news: You can take the assistance of a Salesforce CRM Partner who can help you make the most of the CRM solution while avoiding mishaps.

Keep reading to know the signs that show you are ready to onboard a Salesforce CRM partner.

Who is a Salesforce CRM Partner?

It is a company approved by Salesforce to provide customized solutions, configurations, integrations, and project implementations of the CRM. They are trained to provide innovative solutions to other companies.

Since Salesforce can be configured in any way, a good partner will provide you with custom solutions based on your business needs and challenges. In addition, they’ll give you ongoing support, so the system is more user-friendly.

There are more than a thousand Salesforce Consulting Partners worldwide, and the number keeps growing.

7 Signs Your Business Needs a Salesforce CRM Partner

More than 150,000 businesses, from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, use Salesforce to manage their customer relationships efficiently. With various solutions – marketing, sales, customer support, IT, and more- Salesforce delivers a great customer experience in one workspace.

But, due to its complexity, you can’t efficiently run your business by doing this yourself. You need someone who can help you manage its complexity and deliver excellent solutions. So, watch out for the following signs to know if your business is ready for a Salesforce Partner.

1. Dissatisfied Customers


Most businesses are aware of the importance of a good customer experience. Your customer support team may not be able to deal with growing customer demands, or you may not be using Salesforce to its full potential.

Either way, it’s time to switch to a Salesforce Consultant who can help you implement and make the best use of solutions offered by the CRM, such as quote generation, prospect tracking, and configuration setting.

2. Poor Salesforce User Adoption

For the smooth functioning of Salesforce, good user adoption is essential. However, if you are facing issues with it, there may be several reasons, including other tools like Excel for data management.

A good Salesforce CRM consultant will help you analyze the cause of poor user adoption and how to overcome it. Then, they’ll help you smoothen your processes to maximize profits and stay on top of your game.

3. Lack of 360-Degree View of Prospects and Customers

Salesforce uses Einstein AI to provide its users with a 360-degree view of prospects and customers. Through this tool, you can improve lead generation and sales efficiency as you can analyze customer demands and needs. However, to best use this solution, you’ll need to spend a lot of time and resources.

A Salesforce Consultant will invest enough time and assist your marketing and sales teams in achieving a 360-degree view of prospects and customers. In addition, they’ll guide your team members in the correct direction so they can effectively deal with the complexity of Salesforce.

4. Stagnant or Declining Sales


When businesses include Salesforce in their toolkit, increasing sales is one of their top priorities. But, even after incorporating the CRM into your processes, you may not notice a significant change in the data. If you’re facing this issue, then it is a sign that you need to revamp your strategy.

A Salesforce CRM Consultant will help you redo your strategy and help you incorporate the software into your business processes more effectively and efficiently. They will help you identify which processes can be automated so that you can save time and resources.

5. Experiencing Problems With Your Salesforce Projects

Salesforce offers built-in tools and solutions to help users implement great projects. But, you might still be facing problems. For example, you might be using an in-house application that is not working correctly. You may be using a legacy application because developing an app yourself is expensive, or you depend on Excel and email to run the processes.

A Salesforce Partner will help you redevelop the platform so that you can efficiently and cost-effectively implement projects.

6. Struggling to Analyze the ROI

Salesforce offers various solutions that provide customers with a significant Return on Investment (ROI). It helps streamline business processes, a collaboration between different departments, and intelligent decision-making.

But it is tricky to identify the exact ROI of Salesforce. However, with the guidance of a Salesforce Partner, you can understand how to use the platform more efficiently for enhanced business productivity.

7. Not Able to Generate Analytics Reports

Analytics reports are vital as they help you analyze your current strategy and help identify the improvements needed. Similarly, you can extract reports from Salesforce related to sales, marketing, etc. However, you need to contact a Salesforce CRM Partner if you cannot generate them.

You can focus on improving the strategy based on their reports with their help.


For your business’s smooth functioning and growth, you must be aware of signs your business is ready to onboard a Salesforce CRM Partner.

Failing to do so would lead to declining sales, missed opportunities, and poor customer experience.

Remember to watch out for the signs listed in this article. And if you are facing challenges in Salesforce implementation, get in touch with our team at Cloudiate.

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