Intelligent applications and connected devices have become a part of our everyday lives. Among the different trailblazing technologies available today, the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we interact with devices. From smart refrigerators to wearable health monitors, IoT is everywhere.

If you are looking to leverage the benefits of this technology for your business, read this guide to all Salesforce IoT and how it can help you create the best possible experiences for your customer.

What is Salesforce IoT?


Salesforce IoT Cloud was launched in 2015 and has helped businesses collect information and data from different devices, apps, sensors, and software.

By adopting better data management practices, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey. The platform also assists you in managing a vast volume of data with advanced data mining features to gain insights. In addition, it uses the Thunder engine to optimize the data process journey.

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Here are the top technologies that work behind Thunder:

  • Spark: A general large-scale data processing engine that handles batch and streaming data and SQL analytics.
  • Storm: It is a real-time computation system that processes unbounded streams of data. The technology has clocked over a million tuples processed per second per node (Packtub).
  • Kafka: As an open-source distributed event streaming platform, Apache Kafka helps in processing high-performance data pipelines, data integration, and streaming analytics.
  • Cassandra: Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable open-source database trusted by thousands of companies. It is known to outperform NoSQL due to its enhanced capabilities.
  • Heroku: It is a part of the Salesforce platform enabling enterprises to store and leverage customer data.

What Are the Features of Salesforce IoT?


Now that you know about Salesforce IoT and the different technologies, it is crucial to learn about its features to enhance your digital transformation journey.

Here are the top features of Salesforce IoT for your business:

Cloud integration

Cloud migration is crucial for companies to scale their operation. Salesforce IoT cloud is a platform that lets you create multiple customer profiles and get real-time data across different connected devices, regardless of the time, location, or network.

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Seamless integration with other applications

Salesforce IoT allows seamless integrations across multiple third-party applications. This allows a steady inflow of data between two enterprise systems.

Power-packed thunder engine

As the name implies, Thunder is an event-processing engine that captures, filters, and stores data from events in real-time. It collects information from all touchpoints and areas of your business.

Advanced analytical capabilities

Salesforce uses Einstein’s advanced AI capabilities to help you enhance your analytical functions. The AI-based tool automatically analyzes millions of data sets and gives you deeper insights into your product or service performance.

How Can Salesforce IoT Help Your Business?

Now that you know the features and capabilities of the platform, it is crucial to learn how it can enhance your business operations.

1. Better customer acquisition

With the Salesforce IoT platform, your sales team can access information about every product and customer profile.

The information you obtain includes multiple attributes, including the customer location, the transaction history, the services, and more. You can use this information to target potential customers and improve your sales funnel.

In addition, in addition to analyzing the data, you can develop algorithms to predict customer behavior and create custom offers accordingly.

2. Provide your customers a better experience

The data you collect from connected devices can help you create better customer experiences. The IoT system coupled with Einstein capabilities will assist you to attain relevant data and get insights about different touchpoints.

From reducing unexpected downtime to creating a robust after-sales support plan, your business can become more proactive in predicting problems and anticipating customer needs.

3. Low-code approach leads to lesser downtime

Salesforce IoT is an agile platform offering businesses many advanced capabilities. Its low-code approach allows users to navigate the system and participate in the content creation process better without relying too much on the IT resources.

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This is in stark contrast to the other IoT systems that rely heavily on IT resources. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily extract data from the system. In addition, the low-code approach of the Salesforce platform puts the user at the forefront of the IoT processes.

4. Better scalability

As the platform processes massive real-time data, you can scale your operations. The real-time data processing ‘Thunder Engine’ can process millions of events and uncover insights from large data sets. In addition, real-time relies on automation technologies that can help you save time on manual tasks and ensure better data processing.

5. Discover new business models

With customer preferences changing every day, businesses need to stay one step ahead of the competition. By gathering and analyzing data from different digital touchpoints, you can understand how effective your business offerings are. With all these data, you can spot opportunities and make adjustments that ensure a better return on investment.

For instance, If you notice that customers are abandoning their carts at the payment gateway, you can tweak the payment processing system of your software to meet the customer demand. You may also consider adding an alternative payment method to target new markets and demographics.

From cutting down operational costs to discovering new business models, Salesforce IoT delivers actionable insights to help you achieve greater profitability.

The Bottom Line

With Big Data becoming an integral part of businesses around the globe, having a platform that can help you access and analyze millions of transactions and events is crucial. 

Salesforce IoT is a renowned platform having multiple features and agile technology to support your customer demands. If optimizing your business operations to respond to customer issues is your priority, the platform can help you stay ahead of the curve, irrespective of your business verticals.

The future of your company depends on how you react to change. Hence, it is best to consult a professional Salesforce specialist and evaluate how to make the best use of Salesforce IoT for your company.

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