Using Salesforce can be difficult, regardless of whether you’re starting with a new customer relationship management (CRM) adoption strategy, making changes to existing deployments, merging multiple instances, or initiating a complete system migration.

While it started as a CRM platform, Salesforce is now a complete platform that can handle every part of your business. If customized to your business and implemented correctly, it can become the only system you need to take care of business demands, such as marketing, sales, customer service, and artificial intelligence (AI).

To make the most of your investment in this comprehensive set of solutions Salesforce offers, partnering with an expert will alleviate all your worries regarding implementation, deployment, and maintenance.

Services Offered By Salesforce Consulting Companies

While many Salesforce consulting companies are in the market, knowing their services is a great place to begin understanding their value propositions. Here is a list of some services provided by Salesforce consulting companies that business owners love.

1. Brand New Deployment

Salesforce consulting companies can help you keep the cost of implementation in check while also saving maintenance costs that may result from a messy deployment. It will eventually significantly impact your overall cost of ownership.

Implementation generally involves configuration, custom development, and moving your data from your existing systems to Salesforce. Salesforce consulting companies will check to see if everything has transferred correctly and that everyone on your team has received ample training to operate the new deployment effectively.

2. Enhance Existing Deployments

Your current Salesforce deployment may need an enhancement if you wish to extend its functionality or add new features. There may be areas for improvement in the following:

  1. Introducing new applications or deploying/upgrading custom features
  2. Making solutions adaptable or scalable or improving current ones to fit expanding company needs
  3. Integrations to add more information and operational capabilities to Salesforce by bringing data from other systems
  4. Improve platform support by training more internal staff

3. External Data Migration

The data quality influences important decisions like focusing on the right lead to pursue and contacting the right decision-makers. Data transfer from an existing CRM system such as Zoho or Freshworks to Salesforce necessitates meticulous planning and the confidence that everything will go according to plan.

Salesforce consulting companies can help reuse or clean any old data and remove duplicates to standardise the data, especially if you relocate a massive amount of data.

They will offer technical assessment, planning, migration, validation, and advisory services in addition to ongoing maintenance and support, which is especially useful if there is a need for post-migration patching.

4. Salesforce Migration

Salesforce Classic is the name given to the tried and trusted platform format; however, Salesforce Lightning comes with a new and improved interface. Firms trying to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning may find it difficult since it necessitates preparation, investigation, and testing, which could be challenging to complete without enough time or knowledge.

You can benefit from a Salesforce consulting company that has previously managed such migrations and is familiar with the procedures to follow for successful execution.

5. Instance Merges


Mergers and Acquisitions can result in the need for merging separate Salesforce instances. Salesforce consulting companies can help businesses with numerous Salesforce instances by merging them seamlessly to improve internal procedures and bolster collaboration.

6. Automation

Salesforce can leverage powerful inbuilt automation tools and technology to eliminate monotonous tasks and free up your employee’s time to focus on essential deliverables. Salesforce Admins can use the following tools and technologies to leverage the power of Automation within Salesforce:

Workflow rules: To improve data entry and processing speeds

Process Builder/Flow: To automate complicated workflows with minimal design input

Salesforce Apex:  Salesforce’s custom programming language can be used to code entirely new automation solutions into existence.

7. Third-Party Integrations 

Although your primary CRM platform of choice may be Salesforce, it’s likely that your business still needs other non-Salesforce technologies and platforms, such as Outlook, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Power BI reporting, and data visualisation tools. An experienced Salesforce consulting company can help you integrate these third-party solutions into your existing Salesforce deployment effortlessly.

8. Single Sign-On (SSO) Installation 

Since Salesforce has grown tremendously, it has become a popular SSO choice for easy logins into various third-party platforms. While this can be highly convenient for your users as they log in to your applications with a single click, it can also be a pain to deploy without hiring a Salesforce consulting company.

9. Android/iOS Development

Fortunately, Salesforce allows developers to modify the system to build mobile applications through custom code on the platform. It also offers a way to develop unique standalone applications using Mobile SDK and Heroku, bringing together various data sources and features into an Android or iOS app for seamless access on the go.

10. Business Analytics


Utilizing your Salesforce data to its best potential requires careful analysis. A Salesforce consulting company can build, run, and edit reports, thus providing critical insights. These insights can improve your decision-making, enabling cost savings and revealing areas that need improvement for your company’s benefit.

11. Customer Service

Salesforce supports multi-channel customer support via chat, e-mail, and telephony integration. Salesforce consulting companies can help you deploy Service Cloud to enable faster and wiser customer service.

Salesforce Consulting Companies: Leave it to the Experts 

The services offered by Salesforce consulting companies can prove extremely valuable for anyone who wants to deploy a complex CRM tool like Salesforce. While it is possible to do it on your own, leveraging their expertise is much more beneficial, so you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty.

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